A Day in Class at First Step Coding


Our beautiful classrooms all feature comfortable seats, large displays, and whiteboards. Classes meet in-person two evenings per week, typically from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Step 2: Review Problem Sets from Last Class

Reading and problem sets are assigned at the end of each class. At our next meeting, learners share their solutions with the group and we all talk through them.

Step 3: New Concepts for the Day Are Introduced

"Lecturing" is kept to a minimum in this class. New concepts are introduced on the screen and whiteboard in short lessons that are broken up by hands-on exercises. 

Step 4: PaiR Programming Challenges

The majority of class time is spent practicing new concepts in pair programming sessions, simulating a real-world software engineering environment. Instructors and TAs circulate through pairs to offer learning support where it's needed. We maintain a strict 5:1 learners:teachers ratio to make sure everyone gets plenty of personal time.

Optional Step: Make your Instructor Laugh

Coding is serious business, but that doesn't mean it can't also be fun! Learners make new friends and form study groups to work through problem sets outside of class.

STep 5: Smile. You're On Your way To A Great Coding Future!

If you give this 4-week class your best effort, you will have a solid foundation in programming. Our learners have been admitted to extremely selective immersive programs to continue their education, including one program that only admitted 16 students out of 3,000+ applicants!