Bootcamp Readiness Test

Think you're ready for an immersive coding bootcamp? Prove it by doing a live mock coding interview with us.

After you sign up, you'll be invited to select a time slot for a 30-minute technical coding interview designed to simulate the style of interviews performed by top coding bootcamps. 


  • Get into a better bootcamp. All bootcamps are not created equally. The best ones will ask you to show that you're comfortable with the fundamentals, and we can help you identify where you can stand to improve.
  • Get more for your money. Your bootcamp might be over-eager to get you enrolled. In reality, you're going to get the most value from your program if you come in with the fundamentals already mastered. That way you'll have more time to spend learning advanced skills.
  • Prove you've really got what it takes. If you're not able to master fundamentals before starting a bootcamp, it may be a sign that coding is always going to be an uphill battle for you.

During the call:

  • We'll simulate an actual bootcamp coding interview over a screen sharing session.
  • You'll work through a coding problem with a professional software engineer.
  • You'll be evaluated on your understanding of arrays, objects, functions, and problem solving skills.

You'll Get Back:

  • A readiness score between 1-5 based on your performance.
  • A personalized set of study recommendations.

$49 PEr Session. Option to Reschedule.
Choice OF JavaScript, Ruby, OR Python.