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We hope you loved taking a class with First Step Coding. We would love to hear how you are doing now that the class has ended and some time has passed. We have a selection of questions that will help us assess the success of the outcomes produced by our courses. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out the form below. 

All of your responses will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your name on the last question. Thank you in advance for your time.

What was the original outcome you were expecting when signing up for the course?
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What was your outcome? If applying for bootcamps, where did you get in and where did you ultimately choose to go? Why? If developing within your career, what did the course help you achieve professionally? If you did not achieve your desired outcome, what contributed to that?
Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the course?
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External Course Reviews

First Step Coding is a relatively new program, so every review means a lot to us. If you feel up for it and haven’t done so already, a short review on Switchup and/or Course Report would be a huge help not only to us, but also to anyone else considering their own first step in learning to code. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could paste your Switchup review to Yelp, Facebook, and CourseHorse. We would really appreciate it.

Thank you and please keep in touch. We would love to hear about your next step.